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    Nip force 3. Loading Unsubscribe from kcipack? How to Adjust Air Score Knives on the Slitting Machine - Duration: 1:09. Slitting. Dedicated engineering has made the TR Scoring machine the right choice for commercial and digital printers and binderies alike with its “die-score” quality. Slitting Groups Mario Cotta knife holders are the most durable and easiest to use for the paper, tissue, non-woven, plastic film, aluminum and rubber industries. Score or Crush Slitting Explained. Razor Blade Slitting If original equipment cost, cost of knives and speed of set-up alone were used as a criterion, only razor blade slitting would ever be used. Because of advances in equipment, tooling, and software, it is now possible to control the variables and to improve the slitting process to achieve results never before possible. Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services. A wide variety of score slitting blade options are available to you, such as power tool parts. Allen Bradley PLC. Popular Score Slitting Holders, Blades, Bearings & Accessories parts are listed below. Shear & score slitting. web inspection area. Slitting is performed using score cut knife holders against a hardened multi sleeve anvil roll that also acts as the entry winding bedroll. Paper slitters, such as the Martin Yale 3800FC, have a bar that allows slitter wheels to be moved and adjusted as needed. BPM broad platform of in house manufacturing capabilities provide flexibility for your needs, increasing speed to the market. Driven upper and lower score assemblies provide precise depth and positioning of the score lines. manufacturers and suppliers of slitter score from around the world. Which is the most common? Shear slitting is the most common method used  Our products include score slitter blades for Baldwin Gregg, Cameron, and Dusenbery brand machines. Metallurgy 5. Slit rolls are available with different core sizes and styles. There are two types of slitting: log slitting and rewind slitting. Technical Report on Interchangeable Slitting Assemblies techniques that are used to slit most flexible materials: shear, razor, score, rotary die & hot knife. Even through we have built hundreds of slitter/rewinders over the years, we don’t boast about our line of standard slitters because, to us, nothing is truly standard. The score deflects one slit edge of the liner out of the plane of the blank such that, when a subsequent lateral fold is made on the line, one slit edge tucks consistently under the other along the full length of the fold line. produces a wide variety of highly engineered parts from insulating plastic materials and film, and is the world-recognized leader in three distinct product markets: Flame Resistant Glass Polyester (FRP) Sheet, High Temperature Flexible Insulation and Diecut and Fabricated Parts. The Martin Yale BCS410 business card slitter is designed to simply and easily cut business cards that are printed 10 up on a page. Score Slitter -The score slitter slits fabrics into widths used by the furniture, mop, and automotive mat industries. long specialized in the manufacturing of cutting tools, screw slotting cutters and metal slitting saws. Razor slitting can be done ‘in air’ or in a ‘grooved roller’ to support the web during slitting. Our staff is one of the most experienced in the industry, which speaks to our ability to handle most any slitting About Our Center Winders: Center Winders are among the most common slitter rewinders and provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for a broad range of materials. ”) This is simply a French word with means “blade. Combines with Body, Body with Reinforcement, or Body with reinforcement and micro-adjustment of vertical stroke. Single knife and lathe slitting is the preferred method for short runs, odd widths, and tight tolerances. 015 in. * Match the material to the best slitting method. As a bindery and finishing solution and equipment provider, we have solved post-press inefficiencies and expanded capabilities for many companies, from digital printers and mail houses to e-commerce centers and industrial settings. Converting has been a part of Griff for almost 40 years and Griff continues to expand its converting capabilities with its newest converting facility that was added in 2014. Perforating, Scoring, Slitting & Transport Systems Graphic Whizard Perforate, score and slit at the entrance of the machine not on an exit shaft. Precision slitting blade configuration to hold a width tolerance of +/- . Not every job calls for a product that is stock width supplied by the manufacturer. Southbridge, MA (December 6, 2012) - A full line of blades designed to cut and finish rolls of paper, film and foil, corrugated materials, textiles and abrasives down to size is available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS). Depending on the material, rewind slitting uses score, shear or razor methods, and produces multiple cuts per cycle. At ESPE Manufacturing Co. Score Slitting: An Overview 5 Key factors to consider 1. So we can offer more stable and precise slitting system then others. 010 in. )  Slit‐scoring can be achieved on the corrugator with a slit‐score knife cutting into a free‐wheeling bronze‐ring‐backed polyurethane anvil traveling at the speed  Industrial Razor Blades, Converting Knives and Film Slitting Blades applied to our many other cutting blades offered, circular score, and shear slitter blades. We understand your Slitting & Slicing blades are vital to keeping your business operating smoothly. Score Slitting - see Slitting Shear - 16 Shear Slitting - see Slitting Sheeting - 138 Shipping - 30-31 Slippage - see Length Measurement Skew Material - 15 Roller - 85 Slack Edge - see Baggy Web Slitter Rewinder - see Winding Slitting Angel Hair - 129 Cant Angle - 135 Difficulties - 129, 130 Dust - 129 General - 13 Grinding - 132, 134 Handling SLITTING SERVICES. I will generalize a little bit in this post, because it's impossible to cover every type of design in detail. Grinding offers these slitting blades in either regular carbon steel or high The score slitting process requires only one circular knife to sever one part of a  Score Cut Slitter Rewinder (Suitable for Double-side tape/Kraft paper tape/ Masking tape/Foam tape/PVC and Cloth tape…etc to rewind and cut. The company offers a variety of knife holders for shear, crush, and razor slitting applications. MMC designs and manufacturers cap slitting and band folding or inverting machines that score the side wall of plastic closures either with an arched slitting blade or a cut-to-post technology. Score. co. The most appropriate slitting technique to use depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and thickness of the materials being processed. Air Score Blade for Slitting Machine, find complete details about Air Score Blade for Slitting Machine, air blade, slitting machine blade, air score knife - FURIMACH. Hyde has been there from the beginning, offering quality slitter blades that provide consistently good results. 125” wide, a maximum spool face of 15”and the maximum outside diameter of 19”. 5" x 11" sheets into two strips of 3-1/2" x 11" on the first pass and finishes the job by taking the 5-up sheets and cutting them down to 2" x 3-1/2" cards. Razor, shear and score cutting machines to match your individual requirements Welcome to LEAP Established in 2009, Nanjing Leap Machinery Equipment CO. Cameron, Dusenbery, and more! Marine Corps Cutting Scores, cutting score for sgt usmc, cutting score for cpl usmc, cutting score for sgt, cutting score for cpl, manpower cutting scores, Adhue’s slitters use three types of slitting methods to cut material: razor blade, shear cut, and score cut. Voorwood  Our slitting equipment allows us to meet your needs or your customer's and Edge Guide Capabilities; Razor, Shear, and Score Slitting; Perfing and Serrating. Our cost-effective custom slitting and rewinding solutions are available for a range of materials, including paper, film, fabric, multi-ply laminates, vinyl, rubber, metal foils, mica, adhesive tapes, polyethylene, polypropylene, pressboard and countless specialty flexible materials. 10" to 48. SLITTING ROLL & WEB DEFECTS D R R SLITTING EDUCATOR/CONSULTANT D Converting DAVE RUMSON drumson. The following is a list of commonly requested parts. Made of durable, die-cast metal and quality materials, Precision Lock knifeholders are suitable for typical crush (score) slitting in Tidland Unibody Knifeholder as with shear or crush (score) slitting equipment where rotating nips are involved, razor-slitting equipment is notorious for cuts and slashes that can be severe. com Quarterly Columnist LinkedIn Slitting Community Group AIMCAL 2 Day Web Slitting Technology Course Shear, Crush/Score and Razor Slitting Evaluations ICE 2017-15-13-11 USA Expert Team Member In-House & Public Slitting Education The system is available in web widths from 5 to 120 inches and runs at speeds to 2000 feet per minute. Slitting Products. Rewind slitting affords Can-Do the ability to slit material to a tight tolerance as well as vary the length of the finished material. The Rotoflex and Arpeco slitter blades are one of best sellers. We provide precision slitting, perforating, die cutting, private branding, and more. Slitting methods are score and shear slit. Tidland’s Modular Slitting Positioning Systems provide quality slit edges, faster DIENES micro cut slitting cassette assembly for slit widths starting at 0. With both razor and score slitting this multi head spooler is capable of converting a wide variety of materials and can handle slit widths from ¼” to 1. Score Slitter Blades and Perforators - Score slitters, also known as crush cutters, are about the oldest machine knives known and have been used in slitting applications for well over a century. Dusenbery score slitter blades are often used for cutting paper, foil, film, and non-woven products. * Identify the characteristics of each slitting method. Crush cut or score slitting is a process whereby circular knives are pressed against a steel cylinder or mandrel with material being pulled through, between the knives and the mandrel. Score slitting is a type of rewind slitting that utilizes circular knives to press against a steel cylinder or mandrel with material being pulled through, between the knife and the mandrel. Score Slitting – rewind slitting by pulling the material through a set of circular knives that are pressed against a steel cylinder or mandrel. In addition, we manufacture the highest quality Through-Hardeneded Sleeves in tool steel for extreme slitting pressures. We have several slitting services that utilize score, shear, and we can vary the length of the rewinding processes of the finished coils during slitting. SLITTING & SHEETING. IDI Fabrication, Inc. Score slitting is more appropriate for materials of uneven thickness. Slitting Modules – Razor, Scissor or Score. Learn more about our converting solutions. Anvil-style perf provides a burr-free, flat finish. Capabilities. Score cutting is more appropriate for materials of uneven thickness while razor slitting is best suited for films and thinner materials with consistent thickness. With machinery built to score, die cut, razor, and much more, we can offer more capabilities than most manufacturing facilities. On the Default Sort the listings are ranked by a combination of carehome. Product, Slitter knife(Double) Product, Scoring Cutter. clamp the roll construction such that even after spliting you dont have any spring back problem. Message Slitting is the conversion process that cuts wide rolls into narrower coils. Slitting Capabilities. Bach Knives’ offers an exceptional line of light and heavy duty air score holders. n. (CPI) has created a niche as a leading converter when it comes to precision slitting and rewinding services. Category: Slitting knives. The slitting methods have attributes that make them suitable for particular types of materials. The slitting section of a pressure-sensitive slitter rewinder also requires special attention. #100 Houston, Texas 77041: 713-460-2233 or 877-460-1212 toll free a slitting tool in said slitting and scoring station positioned to slit one liner of each sheet on a fold line; a scoring tool in said slitting and scoring station positioned downstream of said slitting tool and aligned therewith to score and displace only one edge of the slit liner inwardly of the plane of the liner; and, BPM has years of experience in slitting and rewinding our materials. wordpress. Slit materials can also be perforated, sheeted, and precision die cut to meet specific application requirements. Add Roll or "Small Roll" Slitter These slitter/rewinders are designed to produce large quantities of rolls which typically have a small diameters and usually a small core diameter as well. doc 21 Therefore, when the slitting test pressures begin to reach 60 PSI or above; stop the test and change the blade from the 45-degree version to a “sharper” 30- Our economical NSR slitting unit is ideal for tape, label, pilot plant, and laboratory applications. rollem champion 990. Slitting score knife is most commonly used for different score slitting application such as paper, plastic film ,rubber cloth and other thin film etc. Our in house capabilites allow us to maximize production speed and speed time to delivery. The anvil-style perforating provides a flat, burr-free finish capable of being fed through any subsequent finishing equipment with ease. This video displays narrow web slitting with the operator changing cores. The Zip-A3E Pro cutter slitter is a high speed, heavy-duty, programmable cutter slitter featuring proven reliability and outstanding crosscutting and slitting accuracy. Usually this force is applied via a pneumatic powered knife blade holder against a hardened anvil roll. MBO* Style. Used Slitters for Sale, Rebuilt Slitters Rewinders, Converting Machinery of All Types, used slitters for sale, rebuilt slitters for sale, used rewinders, rebuilt rewinders. EMT International, Inc. The shear slit is excellent for producing even, smooth edges, while score slitting is good for  Our slitting capabilities include rotary, rewind, score, and single knife log slitting of films, foams, tapes, and other flexible materials. Slitting methods: razor, score, rotary die and shear. Because of the constant metal on metal contact between the score cut blade and the roll, these blades don. uk Review Score and carehome. Circular / Shear / Score & Core. The web 2. 1. The three most common slitting methods used today are shear, crush (score), and razor (see above). ) Tremendous score flexibility  The American Quicksilver Company is a leading worldwide supplier of pneumatic score knife holder assemblies. Micro perforation, digital crack free scoring, slitting, and many other operations are all possible on this versatile unit. Donotcutthrougharmorinvalleys. Personnel based in North and Southeast Texas: LSS Digital - Corporate Office 4501 S. 0" in width. FinishMaster 150 From the floor model design with its 30 inch-long register board, to the conveyor outfeed delivery, everything about the FinishMaster 150 spells productivity. Many paper slitters allow perforation, slitting and scoring in one pass. The paid Platinum, Premium Adcal Offers the Following Slitting Capabilities: Custom Slitting and Finishing for materials from 3" to 65" wide; Razor, Shear, and Score Slitting Methods; Rewind/Rework and Edit Materials; Material can be Slit Down to 3/8 Inch Wide Holding Tolerances as Close as +\- 1/64 Inch. Dienes is the Grandfather of all slitting. High-Quality OEM Replacement Plastic Score and Perforation Blades. Most knives are available in two (2) grades of steel: Alcon Standard Grade AISI  Our slitting slitting machines are capable of doing rotary, rewind, score, and single knife log slitting of films, foams, tapes, and other flexible materials. Repeated grinding will not expose soft areas, as is the case on sleeves which have been carburized or case hardened. Visit our site to learn more about our slitting services today. All our knives are manufacture with excellent quality and control production at every step. Each method separates web materials using distinctly different principles. Sauer System’s female slotting blades and spacers are manufactured from high quality tool steel for a longer lasting cutting edge. Razors installed in the open span, tangent position are difficult to guard, compared to installations where razors are slitting against grooved rollers. sever the product. Our round cutting blades also support several different slitting methods, including shear, razor, and hot knife. 3 times faster than throughput speeds advertised by competitive models. Foil and film: Our precision slitting blades have the sharpness needed to smoothly slit foil. Score knife blade. is a fully integrated converter and manufacturer of specialty tapes and gasket materials and a distributor of specialty construction products under the Garvin Brown Construction Products name. At Papertec, we provide custom slitting of a variety of paper, films and laminations in a variety of roll sizes. ” Breads may be scored with straight or curved razor blades, either held in the hand or mounted on a handle. Any score Slitting Knife can be made from D-2 or High Speed Steel. Converted Products Inc. This is the most dusty of the slitting methods, delivering the poorest edge quality. •One slitting section with razor-type slitting •One scoring section with scoring heads •6-out slit & 6-out score capability •Automatic positioning center justified trim chutes •Powered side adjustment •Holddown roll •Steel Base •Duplex Fork System •One automatic scoring section with 6-out capability Founded in 1979, Deacro has been a leader in the slitting and rewinding industry for 40 years. Dusenbery score cut slitter knives are commonly used for score or “crush” cutting paper, film, foil and non-woven products. Our precision slitting can provide rolls in virtually any width. 6215 SLITTER REWINDER Unwind shaft, 1”, 3” or 6” ID is available Produce high quality, precision output that comparable machines cannot match. By offering multiple types of  Line speed order changes with minimal order change waste; Incredibly accurate score and slit tool setup: +/-0. We can develop custom blades for applications like meat slicing and processing. This machine has the capability to slit at  At Papertec, we provide custom slitting of a variety of paper, films and laminations in a variety of roll sizes. Our high-speed rewind slitters are designed to razor, score/crush cut or shear cut custom production quantities. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Us. The shear slit is excellent for producing even, smooth edges, while score slitting is good for thick materials and unsupported adhesives (transfer tapes). We address side load, cant angle, slitter depth, sheet penetration, hub condition, blade condition, trim removal, slitting geometry, contamination, air supply, and crew familiarity with all correct settings. TBI has precision log slitting machines that can handle diameters up to 22”. Extensive discussion of razor, crush/score and shear slitting technologies provides "important-to-know" slitting process control information. The Razor Cut. Our customers who seek advice on material The Semi-High Speed grade is optimum for usage in cutting highly abrasive materials. We slit widths from 60" down to 1/8” using either rotary, shear, score, or razor processes. Blades for all Popular OEM’s, carbon, D-2 & HSS steel materials. The current problem is the high cost of such machines on the market hence most SMEs in a developing economy cannot afford them. Our organisation offers a wide assortment of RD Score Slitting Units that is fabricated as per the international quality standards. From hand scoring to machine scoring there are different methods to creating a score line in the paper. slit synonyms, slit pronunciation, slit translation, English dictionary definition of slit. Alcon offers a wide selection of slitting knives to meet your needs. tolerance of +/- 1/32”; 3” or 6” cores; Can slit in metric or inch units”; Score slitting   25 Nov 2015 This Duplex Slitter Rewinder is a 62″ CSR Razor Slitter built with score and razor slitting capabilities. * Identify the characteristics of the material to be slit. 07. This means we have professionally added a crease to the paper which ultimately makes folding your cards easy. When you need a tape, foil, film, or laminate cut to a specific custom width, call on McKeown to get the job done right the first time. Being able  We carry a sheet cutter that can process up to 2,640 sheets per hour as well as a numbering/perforating/scoring/slitting machine with a processing speed of  Converting Services, Razor Cut Slitting, Crush or Score Slitting, Warehousing, Storage, and Shipping. This is just another example of our “can do” philosophy. We convert films, foams, non-wovens, papers and other unique roll products used to support a wide array of applications and uses across various markets. Today, our full line of corrugated products includes cut off and rotary shear knife sets, slotting knives, high-speed steel or carbide razor slitters, brass fingers, brass strippers, collars, scoring rings, urethane and accessories. We have the capabilities to slit  SLITTING & SHEETING. View slitting and scoring of multiple-up card products on this 30" wide TR Die Scoring System by Rollem. We are known in the converting industry for our custom machinery. 5 mm. Pinemont Dr. Utilizing standard modular components design technology. Razor slitting is best suited for thin materials like films and adhesives. Our expertise focuses on challenges in web handling that include slitting, sheeting, core cutting, impulse sealing, unwinding, rewinding, laminating and stacking. Basically, a hardened steel disk is pressed against a rotating, hardened steel cylinder, creating a crushing nip into which the material is directed. Modular designed knife-holder has advantage of excellent rigidity which can accept 6kg/ cm² air pressure and provide stable down force to perform various material slitting job. All blades are machined true to maintain a consistent shearing surface, with special attention paid to tolerances and face run-out. It is effective when employed in the most basic web driven score cutting operations as well as the most advanced, external drive shear cutting processes. dia. We are equipped with a diverse selection of methods for sizing and slitting materials, which allows us to customize solutions based on any unique application or shape requirements. Baucor manufactures and supplies literally thousands of both precision standard and custom size score slitter knives and blades for all kinds of use. Crush/score slitting is the least common method of slitting films. Circular knives / blades for pneumatic knife holders are offered in a range of steels. Score slitting and razor slitting do not require complex set-ups, making these processes economical for small run production. Running business cards, for example, the Zip-A3E Pro runs 2. to make a straight long Winders are inspected by trained crews for OEM specifications, correct set-up and alignment. Intertech products are built to the highest standards which we helped establish almost 50 years ago. Utilizing the latest technology allows Pagell to offer our clients full service slitting and rewinding services. When used on hard plastic, it may cause cracking. High-speed winding, vellum, papers, and polyester films. A handy list of my baking tools used for making sourdough bread at home. is an industrial supplier of cutters, paper slitter, razor slitting, score slitting, shear slitting, slitter, slitters, slitting, slitting Label Plus Charges, Standard Perforations, Professional Scores, Custom Cutting & Slitting, Standard Folding Plus Charges. Not just slitting, solving and saving too. Rewind Slitting Services. With its headquarters located in Lawrence, PA, Tom Brown, Inc. This method uses a rotating knife pressed against a hardened roller, sometimes referred to as an anvil roll or crush roll. . These score knives include both continuous edge and perforated score cut slitters. Slit quality is variable and depends on the material being slit, the blade edge profile SLITTER SCORE (BOTTOM KNIFE) kcipack. China Slitting Machine manufacturers - Select 2019 high quality Slitting Machine products in best price from certified Chinese Machine manufacturers, Plastic Machine suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. Basic Slitting Methods. Slitting is performed by razor, score or shear cutting methods. See Our Solutions » Expand your capabilities with the latest in folding, feeding and print finishing equipment. Automatic set-up is preformed by an upper and lower robot, which positions both the slitting and scoring tools. Name. Shear Knife Slitting; Score Knife Slitting (also called crush cutting) Razor Slitting Define slit. Email Address. Moto provides a serials of slitting air knives form slitting score Air knife to shear knife. 6M rewind that was never used, 7 Score slitting, often referred to as “crush” slitting in international markets, is a common method of separating the web. The most appropriate slitting  Our Score Cut Slitting System / Crush Cut Slitting System offerings include holders with high cutting force, high speed cutting, narrow width cutting, as narrow as  12 Apr 2018 Crush or score cutting uses brute force to penetrate a knife blade Crush cutting is generally better for slitting very tough materials such as  Score slitter and crush cut knife. Scoring may be performed with other sharp, straight blades, even 3" Diameter Circular Score Slitting Blade Overall Dimensions: 3" OD X 0. We own and operate several different rewind slitting machines which utilize the Score, Shear, or the Razor slitting methods for converting material. Parkinson Technologies carries a complete line of Dusenbery parts including shear knife, score knife, razor slitting, core cutter knife, and accessories. Our pneumatic score knife holders, score knives, and pneumatic holder accessories are all available from stock to Valley Grinding and Manufacturing offers Score Slitter Blades, Knives, and Other Industrial Tools and Products! There are several different slitting methods - water jet, razor, score/crush, and shear. A One-Stop-Shop for Converting Services SLITTING, SHEETING, SPOOLING, AND MORE. Throughout our site you will read that our blank cards are scored or pre-scored. Shear & score cut slitting. feed the roll to high speed splitting saw (mettal cutter), you can use coolant ( to avoid burrs) it works. This is in contrast to compressive stress when crush/score slitting, or tensile stress when razor slitting. The slitting areas are followed by a second plasma coated splice table with pneumatic clamping and a 4 ft. These machines can slit and rewind kinds of stretch film, cling film, aluminum foil and silicon paper and so on. The SRD can also be equipped with razor, score or shear slitting. Razor slitting "in-air" with a comb, score is dovetail mounted and pneumatically loaded with a 6. We process substrates such as paper, film, foam, laminate, web, foil, rubber and Kevlar®, as well as non-woven, pressure-sensitive and climate-controlled materials. Examples of these circular and paper cutting knives include score slitters, shear slitting knives, crush cutters, razor blades, and core cutters. Individually adjust the depth of each perf / score / slit independently. WebCut Converting offers exceptional slitting and rewinding services. Gasket Specialties, Inc. Pneumatic Knife Holders. 6. this machine can precision perf, score, slit or semi-slit with razor sharp accuracy at up to 18,000 sheets per hour. Mount Hope automatic tension control with tension roll. Duplex differential rewind; razor, score or shear slitting; turret rewind; narrow web. , 36 in. Lubricator Attachment The New Blade Lubricator Attachment is designed to assist with adhesive buildup on the Score / Crush Blade. Custom film, cardboard, paper and paperboard slitting services. Our Slitting Roll Sleeves are made from high carbon, chrome alloy steel, which hardens completely through the sections normally required for this service. Or just shave the outer 1 to 1 1/2 Re: Slitting HDPE Plastic 09/04/2008 8:49 AM you need to roll it to sheet form. Edge trimming, bleed slitting, strike-perforating, micro-perforating, semi-slitting, kiss cutting – these are just some of the valuable functions of Rollem equipment. 25" diameter sleeved anvil roll (no score knives included). Flexible web materials include more than common paper, film and foil products - it also includes the increasingly complex laminates The PT 335A Plus Multi is a versatile automatic creaser that includes; cross perforating (with the capability to do partial perforations), a choice of three creasing widths, and an array of rotary tools such as, perforating, scoring, slitting, and kiss-cutting. SKD11 material is tool steel with good harden ability and abrasion resistance. More about Extra Slim type Slitting Score Air Knife, crush knifeholder, knifeholder, slitter knife, slitting, pneumatic knifeholder, crush slitter knife, slitter blade, air knife, score knife, shear knife holder from Taiwan Slitting Machine Supplier The US Webcon Two Drum Slitter Rewinder is designed to slit rolls of paper, film and nonwoven product on a roll to roll basis. D. we provide precision slitting and shearing services for converting almost any non-metal material. , Ltd. Our slitting slitting machines are capable of doing rotary, rewind, score, and single knife log slitting of films, foams, tapes, and other flexible materials. Operating at speeds up to 20,000 standard-size sheets per hour, the “150” is ideal for mid to long run finishing. Our current facility was designed to meet the tremendous demand for our converting equipment, while providing the improved service that today’s converters require and a working environment geared towards quality control and optimized service. this machine has been tested and is in good working condition. Designed and built in the USA, the SRD Slitter Rewinder Machine is the perfect choice to satisfy your in-house slitting and rewinding requirements. Choosing between shear (scissor), score (crush) or razor slitting is usually a function of two factors: the base web material and the minimum slit width. Mounting Geometry Stefan Choo 7 8. The top supplying countries or regions are China, India, which supply 99%, 1% of score slitting blade respectively. This is a self-contained scorer and easily bolts on to press at any location that is most suitable. Lathe slitting, also referred to as baloney, lever or single-knife slitting, produces slit to width rolls and features quick setup. The knife then crushes the web against the anvil. Fabrico provides custom slitting services of jumbo material rolls, down to wafer-thin tapes, utilizing more than 20 different custom slitting machines to convert material to any specification. VIEW MORE Score Slitting. Score, Shear, and Razor-blade slitting have Score slitting, often referred to as “crush” slitting in international markets, is a common method of separating the web. Again using a hacksaw blade, make a circumferential score in the valleys adjacent to the cut crown connecting both sides of thecrowncuttothevalleys. In order to provide a solution to your manufacturing needs, our staff will ask the right questions that will allow us to design the best converting machine that will implement your goals. Find hundreds of MBO* parts for your MBO folder and equipment. Type: Centerwind rewind, single shaft. Supporting a variety of materials, our Dusenbery models 635BF and 635AF can handle material as wide as 45” wide and can slit down to 1” widths onto 3” cores. We employ various slitting methods, combining extensive material knowledge with a full line of advanced machinery to provide cost-effective solutions. Slitting section has been updated to include Tidland Series II shear cut. We can reach into our vast inventory of insulating papers and plastics to supply you with quality materials on rolls from 0. 079" Thick Made from D2 tool steel 56-58 Rockwell Hardness Part Number 5009 Comes with two arbor sizes: 19mm and 22mm Bearing is inserted upon demand at extra charge To get a quote or to order this part, please contact us today at info@baucor. FKI stocks score slitting blades to fit all popular machines and can make specials in the shortest lead times. How to Slit a Root Ball When Planting a Tree. BIJNOR: A teacher of a madrassa in UP’s Amroha district and his aide were on Wednesday arrested for allegedly slitting the throat of a Class IV student in his sleep to “settle score” from Our interchangeable slitting assemblies can also supplied as modular units to work inline with already existing process. Thanks to the modular design tighter manufacturing tolerances can be maintained and accumulative tooling tolerances are virtually eliminated. Y. Baucor has global offices in  Score Slitters. Shear (Click on images to enlarge) Slitting We have the capacity to slit narrow strips and wider runners. Razor blade slitting is most common used slitting method for a wide variety of materials since the razor blades are inexpensive and simple to setup and replace. Buy today! 42" wide - Razor/Score slitting standard +/-. Score Slitter Blades If precision, quality and short lead time all matter, you are at the right place. com. Compressive stress creates the slit in the crushing nip between the anvil roll and the slitting wheel. 63-64 RC hardness is guaranteed. We have set high standards across a variety of industries including the filtration, medical, graphic arts, automotive and construction industries. Lisa Pneumatic Knife Cartridge for Score Slitting Set Up. Federal Knife Inc. Rewind slitting is employed for long length rolls, materials which easily cross tear, such as UPVC, polyester films or foils. Some web materials might become unstable under the influence of the rolling nip of the score blade, especially if there is a tendency for the blade to track to one side. The Principles of Flexible Web Slitting Seminar provides attendees with an in-depth look at the various factors that are addressed when slitting flexible web materials. (10) score cut knifes. Item Number Film Slitting Blades. The characteristics of the blades extreme edges determine the “sharpness,” and should not be confused with the grind angle or cross-sectional “profile” of the slitting blades. Winding a large master roll through a series of razor, shear or score blades while rewinding the customized width rolls to a specified length gives a new level of flexibility and efficiency to your engineering and production departments. This paper is on the design of a paper slitting and rewinding machine for a developing economy which targets small to medium enterprises (SMEs). , LTD. MT-A510 Heavy-duty type Slitting Score Air : MT-B110 Easy Clamp type Slitting Score air Slotting, slitting, scoring/creasing, gluing and printing is all done in one pass on one compact machine - without the need for additional modules! 10 sectional slotting knives, 4 longitudinal cutting knives plus 4 scoring wheels (max. DIENES score cut / crush cut knife holders are highly precise, extremely durable and are ideal for use with paper, rubber, textiles or adhesive material. Textiles, plastics, metals and packaging materials can all be slit by our standard or customized blades. NECAL also has sheeting equipment, die cutting Thompson presses and narrow web laminators. The DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo's versatile digital color finisher providing printers the ability to create a multitude of unique full-bleed applications with more efficiency and flexibility. Slitting is usually shear but razor or score can also be used. Exclusive ILF designed holders allow double scoreing both top and bottom side of the web for hinging of high quality perfect bound covers. All film slitting is done in a Class 10,000 clean room. We specialize in the project others typically don’t do, won’t do (or don’t want to do). Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures high quality hardened & ground Slitter Anvils for every paper converting operation. The use of forged bar results in a tougher blade with exceptional wear and minimizes cutting edge fatigue and failure. Score slitting Tom Brown, Inc. It includes a 1. These options are designed to meet your requirements for edge quality and budget. 914-725-4455 C:\Documents and Settings\GARY LANE\My Documents\1-IPL STUFF\1A TECHL, BOOK, PHOTO ETC\book SLITTING BASICS 2G 3. Order today. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of slitter score. The resultant nip force exceeds the ultimate yield of the materi- A wide variety of score slitting knife options are available to you, such as nickel. This can be used to manufacture corner protectors. 17 October 2018 - 11:28, by Pinnacle Converting, in Center Winding, Consumer Goods, Converting Equipment and Machinery, Non-Wovens, Pro, Razor Slitting Machinery, Score Slitting, Slitter Rewinders, Tapes and Adhesives, Vinyls, Comments off Razor & Perforator Components Shear Slitting Accessories Score Slitting Holders, Blades, Bearings & Accessories Score Sleeves, Rolls & Dovetail Bars Tape & Roll Coverings Roll Fabrication Safety Chuck Components Clutch & Brake Components Vintage Machine Parts Search Catbridge Supply Razor & Perforator Components Shear Slitting Accessories Score Slitting Holders, Blades, Bearings & Accessories Score Sleeves, Rolls & Dovetail Bars Tape & Roll Coverings Roll Fabrication Safety Chuck Components Clutch & Brake Components Vintage Machine Parts Search Catbridge Supply Rewind Slitting. These knives are manufactured from many steel types. Precision Slitting Services — The Basics. 8x8) automatically set by the servo-drives to suit the size and thickness of the board. Cortape Inc is a custom slitting converter of all tape products, accepting rolls up to 63″ wide. Slitting can produce rolls in widths ranging from 0. can reach 1300mm. Slitter rewinder machines use three types of slitting methods to cut material: razor blade, shear cut, and score cut. uses the highest grade tool steel heat treatment to ensure the best performance. Slitting Knife for slitting line; Various materials to meet your request; Max O. Want to know the difference between a slitter and The point of any slitting system is to improve efficiency, speed and productivity. Score slitter blades, also called crush cut blades, are used in a cutting process that involves passing a material between a blade and a hardened roll aka . Slitting processes include score slitting, shear slitting,  Marian offers slitting for optimal material utilization, precision, accuracy, and repeat-ability for every type of slitting job imaginable. SLITTER KNIVES – Industry standard slitting knives with Score Slitters, Shear Slitters, Hot Knife and Razor. Score Slitting or Crush Cutting is likely the most widely used form of slitting, especially for older slitter rewinders. It cuts 8. and 0. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we  The above pictured NSR-15 Cantilevered Duplex Slitter Winder was designed to score / crush slit and duplex wind rolls of vinyl plastic for a medical product. Through careful analysis of current Precision services include Shear, Score Cut and Razor Blade slitting, surface winding and custom converting. Customers seeking custom width rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes as well as many other types of material, come to Innotec! Using state-of-the-art lathe slitters ensures quality standards and that specifications are met. Subscribers pay to appear at the top of the page as Features in addition to their listing. 40 mm (0. What do you use to score bread? The blade used to score bread is often referred to as a lame (pronounced “lahm. Score Slitting or Crush Cutting. to have the solutions you need. The difference between the two razor cuts mainly have to do with the surface the material is cut against but overall the method is the same. Cons: When the score cut method is used to slit paper material, it creates dust that can accumulate and cause equipment malfunction. The score knife is a pneumatically loaded circular blade that sits against a hardened steel anvil. 093 in. Especially important is the necessity that the blade be held truly vertical (90 degree) to the plane of the web, otherwise, it is impossible to guarantee a closed nip with such low cant angles. Save on Graphic Whizard GW-3000 Numbering, Perforating, Scoring and Slitting Machine from MyBinding. As a certified vendor to companies like 3M, Paco, Saint Gobain and others, you can rely on our service, quality, and consistency of our knives. Diverse slitting capabilitles vary from fully computerised single lever log slitting to score slitting of material. 5 Nov 2015 Slitter rewinder machines use three types of slitting methods to cut material: razor blade, shear cut, and score cut. If the part you are searching for is not listed, please contact the Dusenbery parts department; (973) 366-7500. Slitting Considerations. With both rewind and lathe slitting available, we can use the Pagell Corporation is a full service slitting and rewinding company. Double E is the exclusive supplier of Mario Cotta knife holders in North America. It can replace score blade/zig zag blade/ k dash blade/wave blade for different slitting application. You can also choose from alloy. WebCut Converting is a provider of contract slitting, laminating, and sheeting services supporting the printing, converting, medical and industrial markets. Slitting, Rewinding & Plying. INTERTECH PRECISION LTD. , Inc. American Custom Converting’s core service line features multiple machines for slitting and rewinding services with widths up to 135 More advanced tamper-evident alternatives. When your blades start to show signs of wear and you need score slitter replacement blades, you can rely on Carolina Knife Co. First, the correct type of slitting method must be selected. Wintech was founded on 1997 and specializes in producing types of slitter rewinder and cast film line. Simply put a paper score is a crease in the paper. All slitting Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. When volume doesn’t warrant wide web slitting Pro Tapes® has the ability to economically process short runs on our narrow web slitters. We produce more than 5000 slitter blade  China Pneumatic Crush Cut Score Knife Holder for Crush Slitting for Light Rubber, Paper, Cloth, Plastic Film, Find details about China Crush Knife-Holder,   L. Easy open feature, breathable packaging or just need a package that performs in the microwave – we provide it all. The Zip-A3 programmable cutter/slitter is designed to handle print-on-demand business cards, post cards, tickets, greeting cards and other multiple-up products commonly produced on digital output equipment. Our quality is evident in each component that makes up these precision assemblies. Slitting processes include score slitting, shear slitting, and razor slitting. Our slitting capabilities include rotary, rewind, score, and single knife log slitting of films, foams, tapes, and other flexible materials. 5. Also, if a defect appears when slitting plastic film and sheet, this can create film stretching and deformities (leading to rejects). MT-A310 Non cut-through slitting score air knife. These crush (score) slitters are robust and affordable. Horizontal knife clearance, depth of penetration, size of the stripper rings, material characteristics, as well as the slitting head or shear itself will all enter into the equation. The Zip-A3 can crosscut, slit, score, perforate and semi-slit multiple up products from sheets. We maintain a complete inventory of holders and spare parts ensuring quick delivery — even same day shipment — to minimize your down time. Score the bottom of the root ball as well or remove the bottom 1 to 1 1/2 inch depending on how matted it is. Chemsultants offers custom slitting and converting services. Founded in 1955, the company was a pioneer in the manufacturing and converting industry. At Seal Methods, we provide slitting, sheeting, and laminating services for customers in a broad range of industries. TR Slitting, Scoring, Perforating & Semi-Slitting System The TR Finishing System offers the highest level of automation for wider format high volume runs from digital and offset presses. 40” Diameter Unwind and Rewind. Which is the most common? Shear slitting is the most common method used on paper and board machine winders because it gives high quality cuts on a wide range of grades at relatively high speeds. If knives dull from edge fatigue or crumbling, then 52100 will work nearly as well for less money. After many years of baking this is a compilation of the best-of-the-best tools. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of score slitting knife respectively. Our 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. 10 in. We purchase from the same name brand suppliers the as the leading converting machine manufacturers worldwide. A. Slitting Techniques: A Basic Guide. Franny Tsai There are hundreds of designs for slitters, whether it’s pneumatic or mechanical for razor, score or shear slitting substrates such as: paper, film, foil, cloth, non-woven, or vinyl. We also offer score blades in 3 different sharpnesses. Crush or score cutting uses brute force to penetrate a knife blade through materials. Bach Knives offers score cutter blades manufactured exclusively from forged bar, not sheet. Razor cuts are divided into two kinds: In Air and In Grooved Roll. com The Hot Cut Element Carrier allows standard Score Cut Knife Holders to utilize Hot Elements to effectively heat cut and seal material to prevent raveling. Slit Score and Reverse Slit Score By cutting through one facing and the core, we create a folding hinge. The combination with a backing member; of a score-cut slitting unit, associated therewith, including: a rotatable score-cut wheel to engage the backing member; a pintle on which the score-cut wheel rotates; a spacer member movable toward and away from the backing member and acting to guide opposite faces of the score-cut wheel; and a spring Roll Slitting Tricks of the Trade. We manufacture these blades following materials: D2, M2, CMP10V, Carbide, and 52100. Score Slitter Blades and Crush Cut Knives, Circular Round Knives California Knife & Blade manufactures and supplies a wide variety of cutting edge custom and OEM Score Slitting Blades and Crush Cut Knives made from high quality materials for all machine makes and models. EMT's air-loaded score holders are used for a wide variety of slitting and perforating applications. Additionally, our in-house slitting services eliminate slitting charges that would typically be charged by raw material suppliers, thus reducing material costs. Numbering, Perf, Score, Slitting Machines 4126 GRAPHIC WHIZARD MODEL GW8000P PNEUMATIC NUMBERING SYSTEM w/1 HEAD & STAND (2002) - OPTIONAL 2ND HEAD CAN BE ADDED IEN# 126312 - 42” Kidder CW Slitter Rewinder. Score Cut Slitting. did you know thermoplastic formulas, such as nylon and teflon tm ptfe, provide a high-performance, low-cost alternative to the traditional metal washers, gaskets,and spacers? At GNC Supply, we provide slitting, sheeting, and laminating services for a broad range of manufacturing industries. • Positioning Units for Shear or Score/Crush Slitting Applications – EMT manufactures a variety of positioning systems for your slitting applications from digital read-outs for the position of the holder/anvil to fully automatic systems; Visit the Slitting section for more details. Company Information. Proud Builders Of The “Non-Standard” Slitting Machine. Twelve important shear slitting geometric dimensions and dynamic operating conditions are covered in detail. Available online or by custom quote. Holding the score area rigid, flex the cable by moving the free end so as to break the score around the circumference of the cable. Score Knife Slitting Score or 'crush cutting' is commonly used for adhesives and certain papers. There are 700 score slitting blade suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Slitting has been thought of as an art, but it is increasingly becoming recognized as a science. Slitting Products Circular Knives for Shear Slitting and Crush Cutting (English - UK) Request a Quotation. Converting Capabilities In addition to our standard capabilities and selection of adhesive products, our plant and manufacturing equipment enable us to create custom products for special applications. The 0-7 tool steel will outwear the 52100 approximately 2 1/2 times in abrasive applications. Single motor drive. 032" tol Differential Rewinding 30"OD unwind - 20"OD Rewind 3" - 6"ID Cores Ideal for Nomex, insulation papers or other flexible composites . With more than 100 years leading the way, we can now provide you with many solutions. Slitting — Our circular slitter knives provide material slitting for several different industries. When slitting or shearing material, many factors must be taken into consideration in order to produce a quality slit or sheared edge. 5” Arpeco Tracker Salvage Slitter Rewinder. The most appropriate slitting technique to use depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and thickness of the materials being processed. We stock hundreds of  Baucor manufactures and supplies machine knives and industrial blades such as circular score slitter blades and scoring knives. Contact Person : Ms. Hyde's Score Slitter Blades, complemented by a line of Perforator Bl The slitting process used is highly dependent on the type of material, tolerance, edge quality, and/or width required. thickness. Air pressure is easily adjusted for light-duty applications,or, adjust the cutting pressure for heavy-duty applications. Score Slitting: Matching blade to materials Do suppliers have range of blades for different applications? About Us. Capabilities Overview: Custom Slitting. Once the desired slitting location is found, the wheel is simply tightened down to the bar. A number of Features can show above the listings. Score slitting is normally configured for a wrap-slitting mode instead of a tangent web path. It may be ordered with optional razor cut units or used with standard knife holders and 6215 Slitter Rewinder: This is an economical duplex slitter rewinder for unwinding, razor slitting, and duplex rewinding rolls up to 15″ in diameter. They are designed for slitting, salvage winding, and de-lamination of small rolls. We stock over 50 types of perforating heads, micro-perforating, slitting blades and scoring heads ensuring just the right finish on virtually any type or thickness of paper. Baloney Slitter - A variety of textile manufacturers find the extremely narrow widths and versatility of this slitter very useful. In log slitting the roll of material is treated as a whole (the 'log') and one or more slices are taken from it without an unrolling/re-reeling process. slits, slitting or slit. to 48 in. Blades change in seconds without removing any shafts or the blade mount hub. The paper application tapes are slit on the coater as the paper comes out of the curing oven before the tape is wound onto a core. Please review our Cutting Solutions tab above, as our Productivity improvements above can often be applied to our many other cutting blades offered, circular score, and shear slitter blades. You can also request a custom blade for slitting other delicate materials like film. Fast free shipping and guaranteed lowest prices. Slitting and laser scoring With TC Transcontinental Packaging, you never have to do it alone. Score slitting done on surface bedroll. And with a maximum production rate of 10,000 sheets per hour, the "FM 100" makes short work of your perf/score/slit needs. Material can be Rewound on 1 Inch, 3 Inch and 6 Inch Cores Food and meats: Slitting knives can slice and score a variety of food products. We can also provide answers to technical questions regarding your MBO* folders. uk subscription level. There are 5 basic techniques that are used to slit most flexible materials: shear, razor, score, rotary die & hot knife. For years, I have explained the advantages of razor slitting “factory cut” rolls of application tape. Crush cutting is generally better for slitting very tough materials such as rubber or sand paper, although some lightweight tissue grades, laminates and November 5 2015. Our Score Slitter Blades and Circular Crush Cut Knives are manufactured from a material of our customer's choice as well as from carefully selected materials based on our customers' requirements including hardened D2, High Carbon, M2 High Speed Steel, 52000 Cr, Tungsten Carbide or Stainless Steel. Mounting Geometry Stefan Choo  HomeConverting & Slitter Blades and Knives, Core Cutter BladesMario Cotta Knife Holders . Automatic weight relieving system on rewinding roll; allows rewinding roll to be rewound & consistent tension maintained from beginning to the end of rewound roll. The razor cut is the simplest slitting technique in the history of slitting Zenith Cutter has been manufacturing high-quality products for the corrugated industry since 1953. Anvil-style perforation provides a burr-free flat It works against the hardness anvil roller. You can avoid the following charges for more than 30 labels per sheet by specifying a maximum of 30 labels per sheet on your order, if necessary. In addition to being the largest supplier of the score knife holder assembly in North America, AQS is one of the largest suppliers of score knives. There are several different slitting methods - water jet, razor, score/crush, and shear. 3 Slitting Techniques You Ought To Know Of. Whether you need an entry-level model or a fully integrated finishing system, each Rollem slit, score, perf, and semi-slit machine is expertly built with Sheffield   as with shear or crush (score) slitting equipment where rotating nips are involved, razor-slitting equipment is notorious for cuts and slashes that can be severe. is a specialist in design and manufacture of a complete range of slitting and rewinding machines for plastic films, laminates, paper, aluminum foil and other materials. We keep above average tolerances, so you can be sure our slit material will fit into any small space. Variable speed, up to 10,000 standard-size sheets per hour Rewind Slitting. Over 30 years experience at the newest slitting technology. Built with the structural integrity and performance capabilities that are synonymous with the name. Various widths according to customer requirements. Blade profile 4. Intertech established itself quickly by delivering real answers to slitting and converting needs. Scoring pressure is fully adjustable via the servo-controlled eccentric flange which moves the scoring shafts in or out of proximity to each other, guaranteeing proper score depth. provides Laser Cut Gaskets – Flash Cut Gaskets – Waterjet Cut Gaskets - Die Cut Gaskets – Lathe Cut Gaskets – Gasket Die Stamping - Kiss Cut Gaskets in CA. Laminating: four substrates up to 300mm. Request a Quotation. Finish quality shear slitting is also accomplished through male/female assemblies. com o 10/12/15 - Pagell Corporation is pleased to announce the additional of a new Independent Smartwinder spooling machine. Score Cutter Blade. Intertech Precision, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of automated slitting solutions, knife holders, shafts, knives and slitting components. Slitter Index | Back to Top Rewind & Lathe Slitting of Tapes, Foils, Films, & Laminates. can also supply new score slitter blades that meet and exceed OEM specifications. Haya Hsueh 148 views. Our Dusenbery replacement blades are manufactured with 52100 tool steel Corrugated paperboard box blanks are formed with corner fold lines defined by a colinear slit and score. Contract converting is our business. 14. Score Cutting is more appropriate for materials of uneven thickness while razor slitting is best suited for films and thinner material with consistent thickness. Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser. China Corrugated Carton Box Paperboard Thin Blade Slitting Scorer Machine, Find details about China Blade Slitter Scorer, Paperboard Slitting Machine from Corrugated Carton Box Paperboard Thin Blade Slitting Scorer Machine - Qingdao Fullon Richance Industry & Trade Co. 3 to 5. Update Ltd supplies some of the highest quality parts in the market. Razor, score, zero tension and shear slitting services are available. We're known for our heavy duty, top quality cutting, slitting, scoring and perforating Slitting Modules – Razor, Scissor or Score. Under these conditions, wrap slitting maintains better control of the web Precision film slitting of tape and plastic film up to 13 in. practical reality, if all other slitting parameters are being met, 1 degree of cant angle should be considered maximum. Tapeworks uses both razor and score knives for rewind slitting. Model HCHSR2002C, 2000mm, razor slitting, auto tabber label tape roll unwind system, unwind base connected shaft type, jumbo roll uplifting, core loader/unloader. Corona treatment can be applied to the film before slitting. There are 363 score slitting knife suppliers, mainly located in Asia. wide. Score cut slitting is usually employed where speed of set-up is more important than the quality of the slit edge or the material is too abrasive for shear or razor blade slitting. Fife automatic edge guiding on unwind For Information IEN# 125978 - 13. Shear Slitting – rewind slitting that utilizes two rotary knives to produce the same cutting effect as a pair of scissors. , SCARSDALE, N. MBK Tape Solutions utilizes a variety of slitting methods to slit tapes, films, foils, foams, Depending on the material, rewind slitting uses score, shear or razor  12 Feb 2014 Score Slitting: An Overview 5 Key factors to consider 1. score slitting

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