Lahari ayanamsa will follow to generate up to 5 levels of dasha period. Untrained astrologer even some time trained astrologer also fail to analyse this dasha because of Rahu nature and behaviour. Rāhu (Dragon’s head) JyotishTeachings. Rahu period brings a mixed bag of times to a person with possibilities of the best and worst of fortunes and well-being in the offing. Rahu - 18 years Venus - 20 years It's easy to pass the good times, but one should know when a bad phase is about to start. . com> wrote: > > Dear FriendsBoth mercury and Jupiter r 1. Here are the general predictions of Rahu in different houses of a chart. They want an easy life and usually are lucky to get them. If today you see someone as a friend, tomorrow he becomes an enemy under Rahu Mahadasha. after Mars, native will go through the dasha of Rahu and so on. He will enjoy the comforts of life and will be These natives with Rahu in 7th house need to confer six coconuts in a flowing river for reduction of malefic effects. Moreover, main period of  Nov 11, 2012 Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the Mercury or Venus) can generate strong positive results during their Mahadasa. , association with other planets and aspects. e. In the sun mahadasha, antardashas of Sun, moon, mars, jupiter, mercury etc can prove to be excellent in sun mahadasha whereas that of Rahu,ketu and venus can be bad periods depending on the PAC with sun in the horoscope. Vimshottari Mahadasha Prediction Life Report by Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji Marriage time calculation. Goddess Durga , Lord Ganesha and Guru’s blessings as a remedy for Lord Rahu and Ketu bad effects in our life : Sairam Friends, Lord Ganesha and Sainath must bless and guide me to write this article when i was really worried as my mom had some breathing problems since last night. Bhavat Bhavam. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Vedic Astrology, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. sometimes this dasha can make a person suddenly too much rich or poor. Public enemies, unions, partnership, love of women and benefit through them. The distinction may arise from alternative cultural roots, varying social class or race, or a different religious practice. Rahu, the shadow planet in Vedic Astrology, is the north lunar node in Astronomy. g. By getting the Rahu puja done one receives the blessing of Lord Rahu. Mahadasha is very important in predicting a natal chart in vedic astrology. I got married to a man from a different state,have rheumatic problems, asthma, extreme anxiety and depression due to problems from in-laws and husband. This arrangement of Rahu and Mars additionally urges the individual to search out an accomplice with settled or unyielding perspectives. The native might observe positive growth in personal as well as professional arenas. Also, the planet's location gives its major results. One may undertake religious pilgrimages, seek the company of sages and perform pious, religious deeds. Rahu aur Second Marriage. This malefic planet occupies a significant place in the list of celestial bodies. The Rahu puja should be performed when a person is having planet Rahu in malefic position, also who are undergoing the rahu mahadasha and antardasha. Generally Ketu in twelfth house is not considered good and the native may have to face legal complications and loss of money in life. Yes, it is possible. Rahu Mahadasha. Effects like Saturn & Rahu conjunction in 7th house of marriage or partnership gives delayed marriage and marriage with a different caste or community person, as Saturn denotes delay and Rahu is of other caste people. Rahu and Ketu: They are malefic planets, but they do not have a Ketu Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti Ketu and Rahu are both shadow planets which imparts only malefic effects in one’s life and the period can also turn highly negative at times. This evil sub-period of Rahu could bring fear of snakes, familial discord, mental depression, fear from water, suicidal tendency, quarrel with friends, bad company and illicit affairs with other women. Mesha Rashi / Aries People get ready for a wonderful, action packed, full on life changing eventful span of 18 months…. Rahu Remedies That Can Save You From the Rahu Mahadasa. If Rahu is debilitated in the birth chart it gives the following effects to the native : Impact of negative Rahu at home : there will lot of dust accumulate at most of the places. Rahu is considered a shadow planet as per the ancient science of Astrology, meaning it has no real physical existence. Rahu does not rule any sign like Ketu, but they have given as the status of a planet. Connections with the process of law. Well no one stop planetary movements in the sky, Venus has to join same zodiac with Rahu for some time . Rahu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology . Rahu (Sanskrit: राहु)() is one of the nine major astronomical bodies in Indian texts. If these are placed 6/8 or 2/12 from each other in a kundali, it is an unfavourable Rahu is the greatest enemy of the Sun and causes its eclipse. Ketu mahadasha career shows break or sudden change in career. 7th lord from the Venus Can also bring i the Marriage. Rahu/Ketu indicates the karmic desire of past and present of the native. Affliction to 7th house and Venus and running of Rahu Mahadasha clearly indicates marriage out of her own caste. A particular stretch of time in an individual's lifespan is ruled by a particular planet. There may be fear from thieves, powerful persons, poison and Given below are Interpretation of Rahu Mahadasha with other Planets: – Rahu Mahadasha + Rahu Antardasha – Mental Anxiety, transfer, legal trouble , transfer, ill health to wife, leaving home and wandering. Saturn represents the final destiny of a person. Moon mahadasha I will explain marriage prediction by astrology, palmistry and by numerology. In this post let’s start by astrology when will you get married or the exact time of your marriage. Rahu-timed vows suggests an exotic but advantage-seeking alliance. राहु की महादशा RAHU MAHADASHA HINDI VEDIC ASTROLOGY Rahu Mahadasha. i. The following combinations in vedic astrology can represent a foreign spouse and increases the possibility that the marriage may be done in an unconventional way . There are various astrological remedial measures given for solving marriage problems like delay in marriage, divorce etc. If you have your date of birth time and place of birth you can just explore your online horoscope by filing your data. 5 years. Its not a common Yoga or combination in any horoscope. A. Planets & Transits News: Rahu in 8th House Meaning, Effects and Remedies - There can be nothing more frightening than the 8th house which is called Randhra bhava in Jyotisa. Remedies for Rahu Mahadasha as Per Vedic Astrology Navneet Khanna Astrology 91 Comments Rahu is one of the nine planets that are taken into consideration while drawing up the birth horoscope. Adverse RESULTS OF RAHU MAHADASA: 1. Jan 18, 2015 For example, when will you get a house, get married, get a job, buy a car, Vimshottari dasha system has a fix cyclic order of the Mahadasha of planets. 7 th house is ruled by sweet, beautiful, graceful, respectful, compromising planet Venus. Rahu is the grave way in which it influences the dasha of other sign. Rahu is considered a highly malefic planet by nature and it doesn’t rule any sign. am in full of stress and prblm are falling one by one on me However, Venus Mahadasha can be harmful to you if it is conjoined with malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru in 133 countries of this globe. (However other retrograde planets are calculated in the usual way) For e. Rahu Transit over Mercury Rahu Mahadasha is a long one and often takes it time to show its But Rahu in 7th house of Navamsa is not good for Marriage. If born in the Mars Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 7 years. Rahu is present on the sign of Leo or Singh rashi in his birth chart. The Rahu Mahadasa would start at the age of 44 to 50 and end in the age of 62 to 68. Ketu Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti imparts the following in a person’s life: Saturn (Sani) Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology . Rahu forms relations with the 7th house resulting in non traditional marriage. Narcissism, Self-Effacement and Rahu and Ketu a key to understanding people by Hank Friedman [Note: For those unfamiliar with Vedic terms, Rahu is the Moon's North Node, and Ketu is the Moon's South Node. Rahu Mahadasha in Vimshottari system in Indian Astrology is eighteen years long and brings Rahu characteristics (often like that of Saturn or Shani) in full action in one’s life. Rahu is tough and you’re almost done. Again we know that Rāhu is connected to poisons and is able to influence the bhāva that is In the most ancient scriptures on vedic astrology we do not find the names of Rahu and its counterpart, Ketu. Read for more. RAHU MAHADASHA Rahu, the Mahadasha lord, is the marriage giver is conjoined with Venus, the natural karaka of marriage in 6th house of the birth horoscope indicating marriage during the period. I am currently working with an MNC. Marriage can take place when the yoga karka planets operate as dasa or bhukti. Rahu offers highly beneficial effects if placed in houses earlier than Saturn. Although, we have stated that Ketu is neither a good nor a bad planet but its influence on marriage is Venus with Rahu (North Node) conjunction in Astrology Venus is with Rahu is very common conjunction in people birth chart. MD/AD/PD of the Venus the Karaka of Marriage also allows the Marriage to happen naturally. Rahu mahadasha (Rahu dasha in Jyotish) Rahu, the demon God, known as north node of the moon in western astrology is a mastermind planner, magician, illusion, mass communication, the extravagant show off guy who wants everything now and wants it with huge amount, foreign desires, foreign things, exotic things, scientist, computer and corrupt. I am Under Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti- My rahu is in 9th house  Mar 12, 2017 Rahu and Ketu Change Zodiac Sign From 18th August 2017, 2018 to 7th March 2019, This transit of Ketu may not work well for married one. If this degree is greater than of any other planet, then Rahu Ketu will be considered the Atmakaraka. Those who are already running Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu may have to face more problems in life. Have had a pukhraj on for several years… Please kindly give insight on reason for delayed marriage and any effective remedy Dob 14 Oct 1984, 12:27 pm, Agra,U. Mahadasha planet takes the position of Boss. Health of father or some elderly member of the family may be cause of concern. By the above analogy, the Rahu reflects the bad qualities during its Mahadasa period, when it is placed in the malefic houses; would reflect good qualities if it is placed in any benefice houses. pls tell me about my marriage ,family n career. This holds true especially if Rahu is adversely placed in the 4,8,12 houses which are also intriguingly the ‘Moksha Trikonas’ or is conjunct a luminary like the Sun or the Moon where it causes Remedies For Rahu-Mahadasha (Period of 18 years) 1. Shukra Mahadasa stands for 20 years, which is the maximum. Marriage and True Soul-mate I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and Chandra Antardasha I am getting delay in my marriage I am a person of Makar Lagna and kanya Rashi can you suggest some remedy. in this dasha natives mind doesnt stay stable and can travel a lot even foreign lands. Mahadasa of Rahu Just like Ketu, Rahu Mahadasa runs for as long as 18 years. Navamansha Ascendant Lord and 7th House lord of Navamansha can Also Bring in the marriage for person. The first thing Rahu does in the 8th house is to give obesity to the individual, specially during Rahu’s own mahadasa or during Saturn’s transit over the 8th house. Rahu, the North node of the Moon, is also considered a planet in Vedic Astrology. they play an important role in every horoscope, revealing the psychological problems of the individual and the evolutionary course earmarked for him or her. Much wealth and prosperity, excessive physical comforts, plenty of clothes and vehicles, gainful journey to te east, good for parents, devotion to God and guru, charitable disposition, marriage, association with learned people, inclination toward song and music. 4. if the marriage occurs in Sun-Mars period the spouse may Jupiter in conjunction with Rahu in a horoscope makes a Yoga called Guru Chandal Yoga. What specific houses and placements relate to Jupiter and Rahu will define the results that one would get in the dasha. How can you avoid a 18 year period of Rahu Mahadasha if it is started on marriageable age? Can you remain unmarried? Rather you will be  Learn About Rahu Mahadasha good or bad Effects and time period, marriage in Rahu mahadasha, remedies,career effect,mahadasha interpretation and  Just like Ketu, Rahu Mahadasa runs for as long as 18 years. What would be the effect of such combination during saade sati. Venus mahadasha good or bad it depends on many conditions so analyse properly then give conclusion for any dasha. Rahu represents the ascension of the moon in its precessional orbit around the earth. The planet Saturn is the lord of the 10th house with a person born under Aries or Mesh Lagna. It becomes rather difficult to shed the flab given by Rahu, though by effort, the weight fluctuates, reduces by physical exercise or going for a walk daily: and when the exercise or walking is stopped, the weight returns to its Rahu puja has great astrological importance according to us. Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu in lagna, Many problems? Is it common to have every second of problem when you have both rahu in lagna and rahu mahadasha? Here are my few concerns for life: 1) Concerned for my finance, career growth 2) Concerned for my married life 3) Concerned for physical & mental health. Karakas of Astrology - 1. How am I supposed to balance going up against both the Rahu mahadasha beginning and sade sati? It will create so much pressure that you will want to attain your goal by ALL MEANS POSSIBLE. following are the effects of rahu in different houses of chart (kundali ). this dasha is good and bad according to the positions of planets in ur horoscope. Kaal Sarp dosh – Yog is formed when all seven planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are hammed between Rahu and Ketu. This is the house of spouse and marriage and legal binding, business relationships, contracts, negotiations and agreements. S. We need to consider other things like placement of rahu and ketu in sign, house, star etc. Dasha, Bhukti, Antara, Sukshma, Pran dashas & give you dasha prediction. Risk-rewarding Rahu-timed marriage ceremony show Rahu-the-Mixmaster at work. The way to reduce Shani mahadasha issues are NOT any Puja or Yadnya or Mantra or even the Gemstones!!! There are two ways to pay off the Shani Mahadasha’s past Karma: 1. Ketu mahadasha marriage not consider good. Rahu’s mahadasha lasts for 18 years. Saturn is 7th lord. Meet with any well-known and experienced vashikaran guru and black magic specialist acharya bhushan in India and sort out your all love life and various other problems which include vashikaran for love back, parents vashikaran for marriage, I want my love back but how, black magic for enemy, I want my ex back, pati vashikaran, black magic for marriage and so on. Mercury mahadasha report. BAD EFFECTS: There is a possibility of state displeasure and loss of wealth and fame. Rahu mahadasha report. This is too general a statement. Read more. VENUS’s ANTARDASHA IN THE MAHADASHA OF RAHU. When one runs through the mahadasha of Rahu which is 18 year old time period, one can surely be lost in life and may not know which direction their life is headed. GIVE BLACK COW OR BUFFALO IN CHARITY. Venus and Rahu - Love ,Sex and Betrayal - Venus : Venus is the goddess of love, reveals much about the way we approach relationships, romance, and love. Guruji am facing now rahu maha dasha from 2008 still continuing and mercury antardasha to April 8 2019 . They don’t exist Which Planetary Dashas Cause Marriage in Astrology (Vivaah Kaarak Grah Dashayen - Shaadi ke Yog) Marriage is an important moment in one's life. Thanks to AstroDatabank for the birth data for the charts in this article. E. Rahu Dosh Nivaran pacifies this Dosha. Seventh (7th) House in Astrology The Seventh House represents partnerships and relationship. ) What is your relationship to your mahadasha planet? If you’ve been suffering through Rahu for the past 18 years and are about to go into Jupiter, and Jupiter is the ruler of your entire chart, get the biggest yellow sapphire you can and throw yourself a party. Rahu has a funny relationship with marriage, while it loves to get people married, it also loves to make them fight. Dear Sir,In my rasi chart,Aries is lagna/asc,jupiter and ketu are placed in Lagna,Rahu in Seventh House that is Libra,Venus in Gemini with malefic ven and Sun…. Sound health, Isht Siddhi, attending discourse on Puranas and ancient history, marriage, offering of oblations, charities, religious inclination, and sympathetic attitude towards others. Rahu can also give sudden windfall of money if it becomes a part of a dhan yog and sits in the 2,5,9 or 11 house . Keep Pictures of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Durga with you & request them to keep your Rahu calm, 3-4 times in a day. The success of a marriage depends a lot on the positions and effects of planet. Oct 20, 2017 Yes, it is possible. in Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava; there will be during his Dasha . In the Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha System, the natural life-span of a human being is taken to be 120 years. Kalra Astrologer)To estimate / ascertain about the happening of various events in life or to find out the good and bad times regarding any issues in our lives, Maharishi Parashara has divided our lives broadly in mahadashas & each mahadasa is further divided into antardasas, in which it is assumed that Read about the effects of Jupiter Mahadasha and its Antardasha with Sun, and the demon planets Rahu and Ketu. Thanks Jupiter elevates and expands the aspects of the area where it sits in the horoscope. Dec 16, 2017 But Rahu in 7th house of Navamsa is not good for Marriage. Saturn is called ayul karakan (longevity). The dasa and bhukti of the 7th lord or the planets with it or Venus are favourable for marriage. Rahu either makes a person very religion, who usually leave their religious beliefs later on in life, or the person never believes in religion. Effects of Antar Dasha of KETU in the Maha Dasha of Rahu. Its depositor combust mercury (lord of 7th and 10th houses) is sitting in 11th house (libra). Rahu (North) and Ketu (South) Nodes of Moon in Astrology Rahu and Ketu are the two type of thoughts found within us. Being Eldest Son of an Great Engineer Father & after Studying Engineering Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas The order of vimshottari dasha has been described above. Rahu Mahadasha in Vimshottarisystem in Indian Astrology is eighteen years long and bringsRahu characteristics (often like that of Saturn or Shani) in full action in one’s life. Timing of marriage Assuming that there is some favourable influence that does not deny marriage in a kundali, lets try to put down rules for marriage To predict marriage using vimshottari dasha alone, consider the ruling mahadasha and antardasha lords. Request is anything similar can cover the combination and yogas for marriage (love and effect of rahu maha dasha last for 18 years. Children also perform well when Jupiter Mahadasa is Rahu Marriage Break karta Hai. Rahu and Ketu Change Zodiac Sign From 18th August 2017, 2018 to 7th March 2019, let us have a view as to how this transit of Rahu and Ketu is to affect you. this dasha has given good results to minsiters and corporates. In both the above cases, Rahu and Ketu should be favourably placed in Horoscope. How my rahu mahadasha and mercury antar dasha is going to be have you seen any body scorpio ascendant how is there rahu mahadasha and mercurya antar dasha My rahu mahadasha is very bad i am facing lot of humiliation and no job no marriage September 10 1990 12. If you succumb to it you are doomed. Enjoy auspicious functions celebration of marriage, etc at home. Rahu Mahadasha Rahu Maha Dasha Good Or Bad Effects General Rahu Mahadasha Interpretations: General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Rahu are as follows : There may be unhappiness due to various reasons, physical hardships and a state of mindlessness may prevail. If Jupiter is strong, the results of Ketu in 12th house would be positive. The effects of Jupiter Mahadasha is explained on this page. Rahu is full of smoke and illusion. During this time, it can affect the native’s relation with family and relatives, his health, his marriage and also his business prospects. To find the mahadasha, check your kundali/birth chart details - it's usually mentioned in each computerized horoscope. In Indian astrology the planet Rahu assumes great importance. Rahu deteriorates the attitude of any planet with which it comes together. Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha Antar Dasha Interpretation RAHU - JUPITER Effect of the Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha. I was in love with someone from 2000, but he broke the relationship in 2008. In the other case 2 full bodied planets (not rahu-ketu) were in 7th bhaav. Rahu does not own any houses; hence it reflects the qualities of the house lord, where it is located. Being Eldest Son of an Great Engineer Father & after Studying Engineering Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas Learn about Rahu Mahadasha Mars Antardasha good and bad Effects and antardasha of Ketu, Moon, rahu, Saturn, Mars, venus, Jupiter, Mercury Love Marriage Role of Rahu During Its Mahadasha is remarkable. Shani Mahadasha report. best remedies for rahu, remedies for rahu mahadasha, remedies for negative rahu, rahu remedies, remdies for negative rahu. Find the remedies of a negative Jupiter. Sun is lord of 7th house when posited in Lagna and aspects own sign of the 7th house indicates late marriage, long life, wealthy reputed and respected. Persons going through the main and sub period of malefic rahu mahadasha and rahu antardasha are suggested to conduct the rahu puja and daan as rahu shanti remedies so that quantum of suffering is reduced. Effects of kaal sarp dosh according to Indian vedic astrology, horoscope and how kaal sarp dosh is forms in kundli. Rahu Mahadasha is the most transformational, sudden and forceful period of change in the events and circumstances around life amongst all the Dashas. Rahu Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti poses the following impacts on an Mahadasha of Jupiter started on 17-01-1973 when she was 20 years 10 months and ended on 17-01-1989. A particular sequence of planets is followed for their Mahadashas. Thus, the last bhukti of the Sun mahadasha is Sun/Venus, which prepares for the coming Moon mahadasha by highlighting relationships and family matters. I have a request and query. Contents Planets and Houses that are responsible for divorce in AstrologyImportant houses for divorce Indications in HoroscopeBasic Principles of Divorce prediction in astrologyTiming of Marriage Problem or Timing of Divorce in astrologyMarriage Problem Astrology Chart AnalysisRemedy for Divorce in astrology charts Divorce in astrology is ,i think, very timely topic to discuss. this dasha is good and bad according to the positions of planets. And do you visit Mumbai if yes what are the schedule . Besides Jupiter is called puthira karakan (children) and dhana karakan (wealth). Rahu has the capacity to turn your mind 360 degrees. plants will not grow at such places Characteristics,Importance,Significance,interpretation, Effects of Moon Mahadasha,Chandra Mahadasha in Astrology MOON (10 years) This is the period when the person seeks connection to others through marriage, family and parenthood, which will all be themes of this time. Rahu Mahadasha + Jupiter Antardasha – Improvement in health, promotion in job, child birth or marriage, pilgrimage, distant travelling If Rahu and Sun are conjunct, then this period will bring a downfall in his career and there can be a troubled relationship with his father. The native experiences many important incidents in his life during Dasha of Mahadasha Nath and Lord of Mahadasha Nath’s Nakshatra. Favourable. Marriage is also possible in this period as desires and passions are on a high. , look at major time periods like Mahadasha and Antardasha. Even if the horoscopes of the love match are matched carefully, if the marriage does not take place at an auspicious moment Rahu Dasha – will EVERYTHING that is given be taken away? I have read that everything gained during Rahu Dasha will also be lost by the end of Rahu Dasha. In this case the spouse will show some characteristics of Sun and the sub-period owner. Planet Hub. Posted on June 27, 2014 Updated on June 30, 2014. Transit of Rahu in Gemini for those who are born with Libra as their Moon Sign may not generally give good results. the effects given below are seen in 80 % of the natives life. Timing of marriage should be carefully selected for a long lasting compatible marriage. 40 pm Place hyderabad Pls say name is sridevi RAHU forms a raj yoga when it gets conjunct the lords of a trikona ( 1,5,9 ) house and a kendra ( 1,4,,7,10 ) house . Rahu is a materialistic planet and it represents wealth, pleasure, enjoyment, etc. Mahadasha period of Rahu : It takes 18 years to complete its circle through the zodiac and in each sign it stays for around 1. Rahu in 1st House/Rahu in First House. I have learnt about this through free charts via internet. Mahadasha is capable of creating yogas or doshas and can alter the effects of the transit planets. A mahadasha of planet located in 12th house will give results with respect to the 12th house significations and the houses the planet rules. You may remain restless. Wife and son Vedic astrology regard cycles of time as planetary periods known as Mahadasha. Marriage is an important decision of life and therefore, it is advisable to be taken at the most appropriate time. Venus in Vedic Astrology mainly represents love, relationships, marriage, comfort, design, art, creativity, lust, sexuality, females, happiness, passion, pets, animals, sensuality, and any kind of pleasure in life. He gives good results when Mars occupies houses 3 and 12, or when Sun and Mercury are in house 3, or when he himself is posited in 4th house. Marriage took place on 14-04-1976 in sub period of Saturn. Transit of planets with Mahadasha Nath affects the results a native receives during its Dasha. Rahu Mahadasha - Rahu Antardasha : The Rahu – Rahu combination would bring most of adverse effects to the native as here the planet would dominate completely over the native’s life and would leave. RAHU MAHADASHA sudden marriage, sudden foreign travel or permanent settlement aboard. So whenever you are going to have Rahu Mahadasha starting, you should be  Jul 8, 2017 In Vedic astrology, marriage is predicted by analyzing the seventh house. If born in the Rahu Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 18 years. A prospect of love marriage is high when Rahu is situated in ascendant and Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house. Rahu mahadasha normally last for 18 years. It is a real blessing as the lord of happiness (Rahu is co-lord of Aquarius, the 4 th house) gets exalted in the 8 th bhava. The graphical ephemeris on this date for the native was: Rahu is a shadow planet and does not have physical existence but has great impact on the living beings on the earth. Marriage in ketu mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha. But as far as the general effects are concerned, Jupiter’s antardasha is the most transformative one. The clouds was infront of him the clouds of his past life whenever rahu period comes the past desires ignites and a subconscious world ,an imaginative world comes in front the eyes and world sees those Rahu in Lagna of a male native and Ketu in Lagna of a female native usually delays the marriage. The 6 years period of sun mahadasha can be an excellent period for those who aspire to reach heights and gain name, fame Mahadasha Maha Dasha is called after the Great period in a person's life. The native will get good results. GOOD EFFECTS: Effects like pleasure of the king for devotion in his service, auspicious functions like celebration of marriage, etc at home, construction of a garden, reservoir, etc. They aren’t physical heavenly bodies, but their importance in predictive astrology is well recognized. She does lot Pooja & parayan. All your property matters, disputes, Professional imbalance and inconsistency is going to an end with this Transit…. Rahu Ketu degrees are calculated by subtracting from 30º. In this, we use Vedic Astrology and give answers to your specific question correctly with the use of your Date of birth, Time of birth & Place of birth. Guru mahadasha ongoing currently but marriage still not on the cards…. Obama lost his mother to cancer in November 1995, during the Rahu/Mars period. Disclaimer 322: Horoscope has to be analyzed as a whole. Let us look at the planets in a horoscope which are capable to give marriage in their Dashas. After that ketu bukti will be start . If it happens in both , then the probability of a foreign spouse increases twofold . Similarly, if someone is going through Jupiter Mahadasha, then other planets can give as much results as Jupiter allows them to give. Thanks for A2A. Rahu Mahadasha Remedies Vedic Astrology Articles RAHU MAHADASHA AND REMEDIES Rahu Mahadasha is the most transformational, sudden and forceful period of change in the events and circumstances around life amongst all the Dashas. It has friendly ties with planets like Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. Thru the sufferings and delays (Santati/ Marriage 5/7 houses etc) 2. Thus Rahu symbolizes destruction of Dharma and also widowhood. Similarly, the last bhukti of Jupiter is Jupiter/Rahu which makes Rahu in the 9th house. Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under Rahu mahadasha (Vedic Astrology Lessons)planet rahu in vedic astrology 30. Jupiter repesents wealth, gold, popularity. Venus mahadasha in lasts for 20 years. Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. One will lose the inner peace and lack of interest towards family life. It is likewise accepted that in the vicinity of a 6th House Rahu, an individual will be rich and long lasting. Rahu and Ketu in 3rd, 6th and 11th house from Lagna is good. Rahu can give sudden losses and ill fame if badly placed in the 8th , or 12 house . VENUS’s ANTARDASHA IN THE MAHADASHA OF JUPITER. Rahu’s Dasha usually results in a marriage, even when Rahu is not related to any house associated with marriage. I know everyone has to deal with their karma but man I feel like I just can’t catch a break. Rahu is north node known as Dragon’s head where ketu is south node known as Dragon’s tail. The Sun in his Mahadasha and during the antardasha of the planet connected to the 7th house (counted either from the ascendant or the birth moon sign), can also indicate a formal marriage event. during Rahu kalam during a Rahu Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti period. Saturn rules the signs Capricorn(Makaram) and Aquarius (Kumbam). Thank u Mahaa Sent from my iPhone > On Aug 30, 2017, at 9:12 PM, Vattem Krishnan bursar_99@yahoo. in the 2nd case, due to Saturn – moon conjunction the chances of 2nd marriage are high. Rahu further provides good results if placed together with Mercury or expected by him. Rahu Remedy: CHANT MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA AT LEAST 324 TIMES A DAY. Rahu Mahadasha can be very harmful to many depending on its location and the aspects that natal rahu receives. All the above or any one of them if placed in Sagittarius especially in Poorvashadha, in Cancer especially in Punarvasu, Pushya, in Vishakha or Libra, Chittra and in Dhanista, Poorvabhadra of Aquarius and also Rohini, Mrigasira will bring forth the event of marriage. The lord of the 8th 23-26. For example, if a person born in Krittika Nakshatra, that means Moon is placed in Krittika Nakshatra in his birth Chart, he will get the balance Mahadasha of Planet Sun first, followed by Moon, Mars, Rahu and so on. com in his marriage. Re: Can I get married in rahu mahadasa I left India when I was 4 yrs old, I grew up in London as per my last message, but also lived in the US for a while. Venus mahadasha report. 2) Any break/issue in education/marriage ? 3) Any event happened during these timeframes? May-2011 to Oct-2011 Feb-2004 to Sep-2004 4) Are you very good in research? i mean for any subject you will go to the root of the issue until it is not resolved? 5) give me the exact date since you are jobless For example: Rahu sits in the 7 th house of horoscope chart of one person, 7 th house represents the marriage, in that case Rahu shall deprive the person from the marriage & pleasures related to marriage. Saturn is an enemy of the Sun and significator of the 8th house (ruling widowhood/break in marriage) whereas Jupiter is a friend of the Sun and saves marriages by giving children. Saturn Rahu conjunction in 5th house or with 5th house lord gives trouble in having children, either all female progeny or no progeny at all. The partner may hail from a fascinatingly different demographic. Query is saturn+rahu in sixth house for simha lagna and 12th house has ketu+jupiter(exalted). The placement of Rahu in fourth and Ketu in tenth house (under  Nov 2, 2012 In a strained marriage things get worse during Rahu-Saturn period. My Sade sati ends on 2023 but my Rahu mahadasha starts on 2021. imagination and gives a lot of confusion in key areas of life such as career, marriage and family. NEVER GET MARRIED in the RAHU DASHA (this rule is applicable for most of us). The 10 th house rules career, profession, and job, and it is said that Shani Mahadasha is malefic for Aries Ascendant. present am facing Saturn prathyantara dasha to 23 match 2019 and ardhastama shani to 2020 January . He will have a bad relationship with If one is going under the dasha or mahadasha of Rahu; or Rahu is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house in the kundali chart and one is able to get some Guru in their life, then it can take one to great heights. Wanted to know the effects of Shani Mahadasha specifically on my career and marriage life. one should check in his chart, where rahu is situated, is it bad or good and read the effects. Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius (Dhanushu) and Pisces (Meenam). Ketu mahadasha last bhukti may be loss of happiness, fear of vehicles, fire and public criticism. Unlike the other eight, Rahu is a shadow entity, one that causes eclipses and is the king of meteors. Karakas of Astrology - 2. Loading Unsubscribe from Planet Hub? Cancel Unsubscribe. Rahu will be going through their 9th House and Ketu will be over their 3rd House in 2019 & 2020. In this blog we will discuss all the Rahu mantra which are used for debilitated Rahu in the birth chart. And the crack appear when the dasha ends. Native experiences a surge of energy and enthusiasm to be self-dependent, stand on one’s own feet and make a mark with own efforts. The transit of Saturn and Jupiter through the houses associated with marriage is also considered Mangal mahadasha is a period to direct your energies in a positive way, one should learn to channelize their energies in positive way, playing sports, gym etc, working to achieve some goals, setting up targets and trying to achieve them are all indications of positive mars. If the Moon is in Taurus in Mrigsira the first dasha will be of Mars, the second will be that of Rahu and so on. If placed well, this period (in general) will give a physical well being along with mental peace and emotional richness. How mars can give results in 12 signs ex: aries to pieces, even you can observe 27 different stars if mars occupies. Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology (foreign travel in horoscope) Foreign Travel In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: If we talk about transportation, in today’s world that has become so compact & distances between one place to another seem to have become so reduced that one can go or travel anywhere in the world within a couple of days with no physical harassment. The Moon’s nodes represent a Karmic axis around which all planetary forces impinge so as to bring radical transformation into one’s life. A person who born under the Rahu mahadasha will face many problems in his or her life and without curing this Mahadasha it is hard to be normal and happy. Rahu is in astrological terms said to be a beneficial as well as a malefic planets. The shadow planets Ketu and Rahu are the two most malefic planets which are perceived to bring fiercely adverse effects to the native in all kinds of placements. When Venus mahadasha coming as a malefic mahadasha for a boy, it is much worse than of a girl because karak of marriage and love in boy horoscope is Venus. 9th house Rahu is not a good position for it to be in, as this is the house of religion and tradition while Rahu goes against to all these things. rahu mahadasha effect rahu maha dasha last for 18 years. 5th house - Saturn in Sagittarius 6th house - Moon in Capricorn 7th house - Rahu in Aquarius 10th house - Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus 11th house - Sun and Venus in Gemini 12th house - Mars in Cancer Currenty running in Rahu Mahadasha but Jupiter mahadasha starts in 2012 will this mahadasha bring about marriage? (19) Rahu Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha: - From mid 2010 to mid 2011, Rahu antardasha was there in Ketu Mahadasha Amitabh Bachchan's his life and generally such a period is not observed good in a person's life from health and career point of view. Wife and son The struggle is alleviated, if the planet is with a benefic. A person’s span of life is broken down into such periods of the planets or Mahadasha. All these remedies are proven to be effective and reduce the effect of the mahadasa (Rahudosa). On the flip side, when someone’s financial difficulties seem too daunting to pass, he keeps unwell and professional success seems like a distant dream, he is stationed in Rahu Mahadasha. However, its Dasa also brings positive changes in life. Good Effects of Rahu: These include bliss of king for devotion in his service. Rahu and Ketu, Raja yoga by rahu and ketu, Rahu with Sun, Ketu with Sun, Rahu with Mars, Ketu with Mars, Rahu and Ketu in Divisional chart, Rahu and ketu in Navamsha, Rahu and Ketu in D-10 chart, Rahu and Ketu as Atmakaraka and amatya karaka, in which sign rahu and ketu exalted or debilitated, special dhristi of rahu and ketu, rahu and ketu in divisional charts, conjunction of rahu and ketu An individual with a 6th House Rahu will generally be tolerant and euphoric inside himself. If this conjunction is favorably disposed then harmony in relationship is achieved otherwise could lead to troubles. So Rahu + Jupiter = great achievements. An exalted Rahu in the 8 th house in Gemini can indicate one born in a famous or wealthy family, promised inheritance and generally way above want throughout life. in the first case, unless venus affects Saturn, by itself 2nd marriage is not seen Shukra mahadasha affect personal and social life. Effects Of Rahu In Astrology – A Mysterious Planet Role of rahu in vedic astrology Effects Of Rahu In Astrology : Rahu & Ketu – These are two planets whom you can not see in the sky like you see other 7 planets, and from here all controversy starts. How To Make Ketu Happy – Ketu Mahadasha Remedies. Remedies For Rahu-Mahadasha (Period of 18 years) 1. Ketu mahadasha divorce may possible or marriage in ketu mahadasha not consider good. all kinds of troubles and My parents visited an astrologer who said that I would face troubles in my life once the Shani Mahadasha starts in May 2015. , will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Budh in the Dasha of Rahu, if Budh is in his exaltation Rashi In male chart prominently, Rahu Venus conjunction gives tendency towards self- chosen marriage, outcaste marriage, inter-religion, marriage with foreigner as well. Pls advice remedies if it is required for this person entering Rahu MahaDasa. Rahu Mahadasa… Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019,2020: Effects & Predictions For Libra Sign. Interest in worshiping God and in superior shastra arise. These remedies will help in making planet Rahu positive. As Rahu is bad planet in astrology, will it bring hardness and difficulties in my life? or is there anything I should prepare for or any precautions? He wants to become DIRECTOR his rahu mahadasha going and when his rahu in rahu came in year 2010 his subconsious world was in front of his eyes. What are the notable side-effects of Rahu Mahadasha? Tagged with: Mahadasha and Antardasha in Vedic Astrology, results of Vimshottari Mahadashas, Results of Dasha of various house lords, Analysis of Dasha According to Position of Planets, Mahadasha of the twelve house of Kundali, effects of maha dasha & antar dasha, Vimshottari Dasha, mahadasha and antardasha effects, mahadasha and antardasha Rahu Mahadasha Predictions We usually know the basics of if Rahu in 12 houses astrology from the lagna you have to calculate. Such people tend to form Marriage & Children; Home Predictions Sports Using Vimshottari Mahadasha For Predictions 2672. Unlike Ketu who starts hammering from the word go, Rahu is patient, it sits and waits for the right opportunity and then strikes with passion, like a COILED SNAKE. com [Jyotish_Remedies] <Jyotish_Remedies@yahoogroups. Whenever Rahu or Ketu possesses a rashi or Mars and that hub is conjoined with or angles Marts, it has a tendency to excite interests, which can prompt an imprudent early marriage. Many thanks in advance sir Is all of this problem only during the end of Kuja mahaDASHA now or will the problems continue into Raha mahaDASHA also?? Please explain. The last Bhukti of each mahadasha is measured to be a introductory time for the major shift which the next mahadasha may bring. 2. ] impact of rahu on the nakshatras of planets According to BhgyaSamhita Astrology all planets have three Nakshatras and transit of planet in a Nakshatradecides its impact on a native. . Rahu Ketu Transit of 2019 is a Blessing for you people…. Also do regular Guru Parayana. Mahadasha of Rahu is also favorable for the Marriage to take place. C. There are no possibilities for positive effects as their combination is extremely drastic. There would be a remarkable growth in professional and financial status. If they are in 'Dasha' or 'Mahadasha' in a horoscope, the native may suffer due to their malefic effects. Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha Generally, Rahu Antardahs with Rahu Mahadasha does not bring good result. Rahu Dasa always brings absence of domestic harmony, there may be splits and separations in the family. Upto 2005 my life is normal and from 2006( Rahu Dasa started) to till date my life is in very low profile with settlement disturbances,losses,troubles and pains…. Planets & Transits News: Rahu in 11th House Meaning, Effects and Remedies - Those natives who have Rahu in 11th house strive to be known as high-ranking socialites. these effects are taken after refining lots of researches. Rahu mahasabha fall/rahu dasha calculator/end of rahu mahadasha/rahu mahadasha marriage/good effe Guru Ji. Sun. Respected Astrology guru's ! I have exalted rahu alone in the 7th house (gemini). Rahu in 3rd house: Capable, Bold, Quarrels with siblings, Proud, Wealthy, has long life. Auspicious effects, like Raj Yog, well being in the family, profits and gain of wealth in business, comforts of conveyances, marriage and other auspicious functions, increase in the number of cattle, gain of perfumes, comforts of bed, women etc. Malefic Rahu gives sudden death while benefic Rahu enable the person to earn in abroad, win lottery prize, racecourse, gambling & betting. 3. Upay for Rahu Mahadasha will help a candidate in removing the Rahu Mahadasha from one’s birth chart. Mahadasha Online Calculator based on date of birth as per vedic astrology, N. Find out more about these malicious planets and their effects on your horoscope: Birth of Rahu and Ketu: Rahu and Ketu are believed to be the planets formed out of Head and body of the immortal demon sliced by Lord Vishnu. Rahu is an imaginary planet and is assigned the north point of the lunar node. Rahu chariot is drawn by 8 black horses. This is a point which is said to exert a high vibratory energy and influence on the earth. 5th house - Saturn in Sagittarius 6th house - Moon in Capricorn 7th house - Rahu in Aquarius 10th house - Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus 11th house - Sun and Venus in Gemini 12th house - Mars in Cancer Currenty running in Rahu Mahadasha but Jupiter mahadasha starts in 2012 will this mahadasha bring about marriage? Vedic astrology regard cycles of time as planetary periods known as Mahadasha. In the event that Moon is connected with Rahu or Ketu, the local will have sexual contact with women of ruler's crew. Horrible Rahu mahadasha with regard to marriage and health. Rahu Mahadasha 18 Years, rahu mahadasha remedies, rahu mahadasha effects, rahu mahadasha marriage, rahu mahadasha benefits, good effects of rahu mahadasha. If the sub-period planet is The commencing dasha or mahadasha at the time of birth will be that of the lord of the nakshatra in which the Moon is placed, which particular nakshatra is known as the "Janma nakshatra". This is easily possible through looking at one's palm. The planet Venus signifies luxury, love, romance, relationship, marriage, creativity, arts and entertainment, foods, cars, apparels, television, radio, drama, movies, songs and lavish elements of the world. It is also very powerful in regard to partnerships and contracts, which it helps to make successful. Rahu in Second house has shown split personality traits in natives. Jupiter (Guru) Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology . 3) 7th house in 9th gives love marriage because person choose far away person mean which is not from your community. Even if one does not have a guru, it's important to be inspired by one, so perhaps putting a Rahu Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti Rahu is a fierce, malefic planet and its combination with Jupiter or Guru would pacify its ill effects and brings betterment and goodness in one’s life. if Rahu Ketu are 15º 24’ in a chart, you minus this from 30º and the remaining degrees will be 14º36’. If it is placed with Sun or Moon , then the Mahadasha of Rahu and Sun or Rahu and Moon will give very bad results. Varahmihir, the father of astrology in his famous book Brihat Jataka did not recognise Rahu and Ketu but in his another book Brihat Samhita he devoted one chapter to Rahu and Ketu and considered them not any celestial physical body like other planets but as the nodes of the Moon, ie, points of intersection of orbits of the Moon and the Earth. In Vedic literature they are not ordinary snakes but especial serpents with much have hidden knowledge and wisdom. This planet has dual qualities. Rahu is the demon God and a mastermind. As per Vedic astrology, these are general home based remedies for Rahu dosha present in horoscope as well as bad effects faced during Rahu mahadasha or antardasha for males and females. Jupiter stays in any sign for almost 13months and Rahu takes 1 & ½ year to change one sign. Rahu mahadasha duration for 18 years or rahu mahadasha time for 18 years. Worried about relationship with spouse, child, father Will there be any gains in career? 2) Rahu in 7th gives love marriage even out of cast/community marriage and if this rahu damage then out of religion. I am unmarried, currently in a relationship and plan to get married after 2015. Astronomically it is not a planet, however, due to its major impact on human’s life, it is considered as a planet in astrology. Hence, all theses areas are likely to come in limelight in this Dasha period of 10 years. This makes me feel as if I’m not going to graduate. Rahu Ketu Dosha Calculator The effect of aspection of planet Jupiter Planet aspection into the houses of other planets and rashi is very common and it is a natural aspect. Jupiter’s is the second antardasha in the mahadasha of Rahu. Adverse Ketu Mahadasha – 7 years. When the planet is in a good position, it brings peace, wealth and well-being. Rahu is a shadowy planet which is the North node of the Moon. Rahu will amplify all that this planet stands for (karakatva) in your horoscope. Ask a Question (Marriage/Relationships) This is a special feature of Mahadasha. Rahu is a shadow planet and is considered malefic. Namaste, friends! Today we want to tell you about some Rahu Remedies. Since the shadow is so powerful, both rahu and ketu gets the planet status. Ketu is a shadow planet or chaya grah, and behaves quite similarly to the planet of Mars. Jupiter mahadasha report. Rahu is usually paired with Ketu. com. Paying off the Karmic Burdens in Shani mahadasha or beforehand. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and best part was the examples. what kind of results rahu would give in his mahadasha if depositor is combust. Best Place for Rahu and Ketu. To tell you, most ministers and corporate honchos are Rahu’s favorite children. Ketu mahadasha health may affect badly. It is just a shadow of moon at the north node. Depends on sign lord strength also. Indian Vedic Astrology >> Lesson-7 >> Vimshottari Mahadasha Antardasha of Grihas (Dr. There are possibilities of constructing garden, reservoir, etc. Mostly inter-cast & inter-religion marriage happen in the RAHU dasha. Here in this article I will discuss the impact of transition of Rahu on planets from Jupiter to Ketu. Libra sign is the most sensual sign and they are filled with Love & Harmony. Remedies for malefic planets in horoscope When one or more planets in a horoscope becomes debilitated, combust, conjunct rahu/ketu or malefic, or owns/occupies 6,8,12 houses it gives negative results. Rahu/Moon: In the Antardasha of Moon, people can face troubles due to females. How to Judge Maha Dasha, Ketu maha dasha, Venus Maha Dasha, Saturn Maha Dasha, Sun Maha Dasha, Mercury Maha Dasha, Moon Maha Dasha, Mars Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha, Sokshma Dahsa, Praan Dasha, Super Rich Mahadasha, Money in Maha Dasha, Dhan Yoga Dasha, Marriage in Dasha, Raja yoga Dasha, Professional success Dasha, Result of Mahadasha, Sourabh Soni Mahadasha Article The importance of Rahu need not be overemphasised. Accurate Marriage Prediction by your Date of Birth. Rahu Ki Mahadasha-Antardasha चल रही हो और कुंडली में राहु चंद्रमा के साथ हो तो जातक को पूर्णिमा के दिन नदी की धारा में नारियल, दूध, जौ, लकड़ी का कोयला, हरी दूब, यव, तांबा, काला Effects of RAHU conjunct with other Planets Rahu, the north node of Moon is the cause behind underworld, mafia, smuggling, mining, jails, hospitals, mortuaries, mental asylums, occult and magick practices, bomb blasts, sudden and unexpected incidents in life. I have also read examples on this forum, of how ministers came into power during their Rahu Dasha, but also lost power before the end of their Rahu Dasha. If born in the Jupiter Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 16 years. Moon Mahadasha: Moon rules our emotions, thinking, general well-being and feminine presence in our chart. If born in the Moon Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be of 10 years. Rahu Mahadasha - Sun Antardasha : The Sun is perceived to be one of the supremely benefic planets and the bringer of true Here the Rahu would bring problems in the path of the native while the Mercury would show him/her the way to emerge out unwounded. Acquisition of wealth through Brahmins, auspicious happenings, honours and favour from the ruler, acquisition of a new house, good food, marriage, inclination to wards song and music, charitable disposition. Marriage compatibility should be summed from judging all the houses and their effects in the vedic horoscopes of the love match. Hence, if Rahu and Ketu are transiting through the 5th and 11th houses in a Navansh Kundali, there are strong chances of marriage. Worship Bhairava or lord Shiva for pleasing planet Rahu. Major Remedies for Rahu. Rahu heightens desire in native and stimulates sensual passions, extra-marital affairs and impulsive marriages. P. Examples: 1. As Sun represents king, people can develop a false sense of ego during Rahu Mahadasha. This time period is known as the Vimshottari Mahadasha of that planet. Shukra Mahadasha Effects The Vimshottari Dasha System is the most widely used system to determine the dasha periods, as this dasha system is applicable to the general population. You will be relieved of all the domestic issues which must have disturbed you in last 18 months During the remainder of the Rahu mahadasha, through the Rahu/Sun, Rahu/Moon and Rahu/Mars periods, Obama worked with a Chicago law firm specializing in civil rights litigation, from 1993-1996. The moon and sun are the enemy planets in which it is more adverse to Sun. A person's span of life is broken down into such periods of the planets or Mahadasha. For example, the political career of POTUS-35 John F Kennedy began suddenly in Rahu-Rahu and continued in a rapidly escalating Great Leap Forward throughout his Rahu Mahadasha. So, if you want to see the Major events of life, like marriage, children, foreign travels, wealth gain etc. Do I see any glow in my life…If so what should I do The Rahu in this house is good for marriage, which it causes to be contracted on a lofty, sentimental and secure basis, provided Venus and the Moon are well-situated in the horoscope. Besides this, as the domination of Rahu would prevail for its beings in Rahu Mahadasha, Mercury in it's antardasha would be able to wipe out the negativity to a extent only. The name of Rahu first appears in the Mahabharata, when we read the story of the churning of the Ocean of Milk in the search for ambrosia - the Dasha The dasha pattern shows which planets according to Jyotish will be ruling at particular The commencing dasha or mahadasha at the time of birth will be that of the lord of the nakshatra in which the Moon is If the Moon is in Taurus in Mrigsira the first dasha will be of Mars, the second will be that of Rahu and so on. The tail of dragon, Ketu, is known as south node of the planet Moon. Yes  In married relations, it is observed that such natives should not marry before the age of 21 to avoid The results are more effective during Mahadasha of Rahu. I always get huge amount of negative Rahu in the 9th House | Rahu in the Ninth House of Horoscope Mar 10, 2016 Whatever the Rasi in the 11th house and whosoever the lord of the 11th house, Rahu is always a benefactor in the 11th house, even if it is alone and not accompanied by any hard planet. In the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Dasha of Sun, if Rahu is in a Kendra, or in a Trikona from Lagna, there will be in the first two months loss of wealth, danger from thieves, snakes, infliction of wounds and distress to wife and children. If born in the Saturn Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 19 years. At the time of marriage, Jupiter was transiting in aries rashi and in navamsha, Saturn is placed in cancer raashi. How can you avoid a 18 year period of Rahu Mahadasha if it is started on marriageable age? Can you remain unmarried? Rather you will be surprised to know that MOST of the marriages happens to be during Rahu or Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Mahadasha is a long one and often takes it time to show its results. Saturn repesents karma, truth, ambition, hard work, pressure, ancient period. The Nodes, called Ketu and Rahu in Hindu astrology, are points of intersection between the path of the Moon along with the apparent path of the Sun in the sky. 4) Mars in 7th house give love marriage with beautiful/handsome wife or husband. Dasha of Lords in fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth house from Mahadasha Nath gives auspicious results to the native. A person can find birth under the mahadasha of any planet, and then after the end of this running mahadasha, the mahadasha of the next planet (as per the above-mentioned fixed cyclic order) will begin. Rahu Mahadasha Effects Rahu Mahadasha Analysis. The Aswini Nakshtra/Mesha Rasi/Mesha Lagna people needs to be cautious about their Rahu Mahadasa period, if the Rahu is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 11th houses. If Rahu is. Rahu Mahadasha in Vedic astrology is most unpredictable (rahu mahadasha predictions) or not easy to analyse dasha in astrology. People think the Shani […] Rahu Puja and Homam is best for removing obstacles, difficulties, financial problems, health related issues, hidden enemies. , gain of wealth and cattle from well to do persons belonging to the Sudra class: Effects of Antar Dasha of MERCURY in the Maha Dasha of Rahu. Jupiter represents husband in a girl horoscope besides 7th house. Timing of Marriage and Delays in Marriage. If you are on the spiritual path, and if you practice meditation, all these Dashas will do only good things to you. In most of the cases, Ketu gives malefic results of the house in which he is posited. Rahu occupies Dhanushya, a benefic rashi, in Bandhu Bhava: 40-43. I am very anxious how would be my period of Rahu Mahadasha period which is going to be starting in about a year's time. Hi, I will soon be entering rahu mahadasa and was told it will be difficult for me to get married in this dasa. Instead, only seven planets are mentioned. Rahu Maha dasha: Rahu Dosha occurs when Rahu occupies improper and unsuitable houses in one?????s astrological charts. This is the longest time period in the entire dasha cycle. Characteristics,Importance,Significance,interpretation, Effects of Venus Mahadasha,Shukra Mahadasha in Astrology VENUS (20 years) This is a time when the person seeks worldly happiness, and themes of marriage, love and children are prominent. She is into Devi worship - chant Durga Sapthashathi, Lalitha Sahasranama, Soundarya Lahari regularly. People under the Mahadasa of Jupiter get success in teaching, banking, lectureship, education, finance, jewelry, marriage counseling, loan processing, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration etc. Upay for Rahu Mahadasha. e. Rahu can either bring good impact or bad impact according to its placement. Nov 2, 2012 In a strained marriage things get worse during Rahu-Saturn period. Most love affairs begin in the dasha of Mercury, Rahu, Venus and  Natural Givers of Marriage : It is the general belief of vedic astrology that Moon, Venus and Rahu are the natural givers of marriage. Rahu in 2nd House / Ketu in 8th House The Rahu in the second house is fortunate for the native’s personal worth; his/her business will prosper, he will accumulate wealth fairly rapidly, and many strokes of luck will urge him onward. If the lord of the sub-period is benefic or poised to give good results in your chart, this Rahu Mahadasha can bring them as Rahu will amplify. Is this true, and can someone explain why? Female Rahu's mahadasha lasts for 18 years. # Rahu - Jupiter conjunction in main birth chart or in the navamsa chart . How to face Rahu and Shani Mahadasha (astrological planetary positions that bring forth a very hard phase of time)? Don’t think that Rahu Dasha or Shani Dasha are bad. During this time, it can affect the native's relation with family and relatives, his health, his marriage and also his business  kapiel raaj, Rahu mahadasha, jyotish, vedic astrology. rahu mahadasha marriage

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